HGH and a transformation

People use human growth hormone as a way of trying to improve their looks and stay youthful. The hormone is produced in the pituitary glands and is responsible in stimulating growth in children. Although the hormone is produced naturally in the body, it can be synthesized to help people with different health complications. For example, it can be used to help body fluids, body composition, bone growth and muscle development.

In children human growth hormone can be used to treat a number of illnesses. For example, it has been approved to treat Turner’s syndrome which is a genetic disorder that affects girls. Prader- Willi syndrome can be treated. The syndrome is associated with genetic disorders which interfere with muscle development. Other symptoms which can be treated by the hormone include chronic kidney insufficiency and children born small for gestation age. The hormone can be prescribed by your doctor for you to achieve great results when using it.

hgh transformation